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When I was in high school, my teacher read all my stories to the class. I thought the most enjoyable career would be to write novels and eat Sarah Lee chocolate cake. Then I realized, if I didn't succeed, I wouldn't be able to afford the chocolate cake so I stayed in physics, which I liked but not as passionately as creative writing.

I went on to get an MS in physics and pass a PhD exam, but my colleagues were having trouble getting jobs in physics and when they switched to medicine, so did I. I became a diagnostic radiologist with special training in neuroradiology and cardiac imaging (CT and MRI). I have enjoyed medical imaging and its incredible growth over the past 30 years.

I thoroughly enjoy my career as a radiologist and the chance to provide advanced new services to my southern Ohio rural community. However, during quiet times in the evening and weekends, alone in our home in the woods, filled with thoughts of far away places, I am now returning to my first passion, writing. I have attended several writing programs and workshops, Long Ridge Writers Group and SEAK. I have a simple ambition, a simple dream. To sit at an IMAX movie theatre in L.A. at the opening of a movie based on one of my novels, sharing popcorn with my wife Cheryl. My energizing motto: "If you don't dare to dream it, you can't achieve it." So, dream big.